Plastic Another Enemy Of This Universe.

We all see the internet and we learn things from there. There are so many things which are written regarding plastic and other dangerous effects of plastics. Human beings are not responsible by default they just do things without even thinking of any impact on any other thing. Ample examples are available in this world to reflect the negative impact of plastic material especially plastic bottles. Plastic bottles, convenient way to destroy this universe mostly people think that it is light weighted material to carry water anywhere they want. But honestly this is something igniting the detrimental impact on the planet.

Plastic bottles a way towards cancer:

Re-usable is another factor which they market in order to support plastic bottles but, very few know the significance of a plastic bottle on the health of a human being and animals. As per the research conducted in University of Michigan USA, 30% of environmental destruction in addition to the cancer is due to plastic bottle usage. There are people who still want proper justification in order to quit the use of a plastic bottle but all in all this is silly, not to think of anything else.

Made up of?

Yes these plastic bottles are made of polythene yes the ethane gas is there in almost every plastic bottle, unable to justify the manufacturing of plastic bottles but ethane gas is different and require something else to destroy. One just cannot diminish; one cannot recycle nor do anything else with this gas. There are ways to handle this gas and plastic boxes but there is no way to recycle it in a way which is less detrimental effects on the environment. When burnt these plastic bottles lose another form of gas which is again has destructive impact on the health of living beings.

Plastic bottles are convenient and easy to use, yet there are things which one has to understand regarding the responsibilities towards universe and this world. The ratio of trees, plants over destructive material is very low, which means it is not okay to carry on the usage of plastic bottles. So much so, the sea life is getting negative impact due to the use of plastic material and why is that? Because we mostly throw stuff in the sea and we mostly don’t even care. Plastic bottles made of different material even have the same impact on the health of the living creature and the air in the atmosphere. It is pertinent to mention that we are not supporting or negating the use of plastic bottles but yes reality should be understood no matter what.