The Lawyers From Sydney!

Rockliff Snelgrove is one of the most experienced law firm in the heart of Sydney CBD and is handling legal matters of their clients since 1970. A team of professional solicitors are available not only in firm but can be contacted online now and online system is introduced to handle the legal matters more rapidly.  Their expertise are providing in following range of services.

Contract Law:

Whatever you do or deal in life you just cannot ignore the importance of a contract between two parties or clients like if you buy or sell a property or hiring a car contracts are made especially in the context of business. Their highly trained team will help you to execute and draft a contract for an agreement between two parties. In the business context they are dealing in some mentioned contracts here.

  1. Confidentiality Agreements
  2. Distribution Agreements
  3. Franchise Agreements
  4. Hire and Rental Agreements
  5. Joint Venture Agreements
  6. Heads of Agreements/Lease proposals and Lease Agreements
  7. License Agreements
  8. Partnership Agreements
  9. Sale and Purchase of Business Agreements
  10. Service Agreements
  11. Shareholder Agreements
  12. Loan Agreements

You can also contact the employment contract lawyers from Sydney to secure your job or to handle your disputes with your employee as you can face some disputes and problems with your boss or workplace but you cannot resist them because of status quo so your lawyer will be standing for you there.

Business/Commercial Law:

Under this law you can get the services of commercial lawyers. Commercial lawyers can be contacted when you are planning to set a new business, looking to buy or sell a running business or handling the business disputes. Their team will handle all your legal business matters so you don’t have to worry about them and you have more time for your business. The matters they will handle can be business structure, business contracts, commercial disputes, corporation law, franchises, Copyright/trademark, property and leasing, workplace and employment and last but not least in taxation and finance. 

Family Law:

If you are having any family problems like child custody, divorce or separation you can contact their family or divorce lawyer. You can also contact them if you are having issues with your family property distribution or any spousal maintenance. The family law includes

  1. Divide and Separate
  2. Division of assets or agreement (after a broken marriage or a true relation)
  3. Kids, including child support and custody
  4. Hold married
  5. Commands or court orders immediate emergency family court.

The lawyers will always be available at your service according to your needs and demands and as you can reach them online too so they will try to reach you out as soon as possible.