All About Foam Cut To Size Order Online And Its Selection

About foam and foam cut to size 

Foam is a material with many applications. It is a feathery and silky material. The most commonly used foam is polyurethanes but for commercial applications, polyethylene and polystyrene foam can also be used. It can be cut into the required shapes and sizes with the help of a sharp knife.  Foam cut to size can be square, rectangular or of any shape with clean and sharp edges according to the customer demands. The good foam cut to size adds comfort in your life and beautify your domestic, marine and automobile furniture. Different materials are used according to the use of foam. 

Selection of right Types of foam

The selection of right cheap upholstery foam is a very crucial and important step. after the selection, the foam foam is cut to size is cut to size. Certain factors are considered while choosing the foam-like durability, comfort, density, and thickness. Generally, two types of foams are available for cutting to various sizes and shapes which are as follows:

  • Closed-cell foam: it is compact, firm and dense foam with no air bubbles around it. Types of closed-cell foam are polyethylene foam, flex foam, neoprene foam, polystyrene foam and gym rubber foam. This type of foam is typically used for flotation articles. They are buoyant and firm.
  • Open-cell foam: it is a flexible and soft substance. When this type is squeezed air can easily pass through its spaces. It is further divided into polyurethane foam, latex rubber foam, rebond foam, shredded foam and memory foam. Polyurethane is of the lowest quality. Latex rubber foam, memory foam and rebond foam are suitable for mattresses and cushions. While shredded foam is used for cushion backs, throw pillows and patio furniture. 

Uses of foam cut to size

Different types of materials of foam are utilized and foam is cut to size to use for many applications like your furniture cushions, mattresses, sofa and automobile seats, and to renovate your home. 

Foam cut to size order online

Foam cut to size can be ordered online in a very convenient way. Steps to order online are as follows:

  1. Choose the shaped foam e.g. Cube, rectangle, square, circle, etc. 
  2. Carefully measure the size of your current upholstery product and enter it in cm or mm. 
  3. Select the desired type of foam
  4. Choose the additional services provided by the supplier and place your order. 


Foam cut to size order online is a sentence that will ease your life in various ways. Foam cut to size is a versatile product that found various applications not only in households but also for commercial purposes. The suppliers of upholstery are providing their services online and entrust their clients the high-quality product. ALLFAB UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIERS (AFD) provides the upholstery, furniture, cushions, covers, and seats of top quality and at a very reasonable price online where you can place the order easily. You can avail of their services by sitting at your home without any difficulty.